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Updated: Jun 6

The eBook "The Legislative Journey of Employment Discrimination " is now available for instant download. To download the digital eBook (144 pages) in PDF Format please visit the Book Page here >>.

About the Book:

In the wake of the #MeTooMovement more employers are beginning to provide additional training about improper and inappropriate behavior at the workplace. In 2018 EEOC released the staggering numbers of on-the-job harassment complaints. This book reflects the reality of Employment Law’s impact throughout the country.

Foreign affairs expert and author of “Political Trust in Kosovo,” Dr. Ermira Babamusta gives a compelling analysis of the influence government actions and Supreme Court decisions have on the number of filed employment discrimination charges. Using regression analysis, statistical data is included to test the progress of employment discrimination from 1992-2004. Dr. Babamusta discusses the implications of the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Law. The findings show that government intervention on employment discrimination has a direct influence in trends and changes of equal employment opportunity practices.

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